New Wisper Line Up for 2017

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The Basics an explanation of the 2017 Wisper range
Wisper Torque System an explanation of the drive system on the new Wisper Torque bikes
Batteries and Battery Care battery features and how to get the best out of them
General Wisper Bicycle Care
advice on how to look after your bike
Cadence and torque sensors whats the difference?

The Basics

There are six Wisper models

in two ranges…

Torque bikes in Titanium Grey £1,599.00
SE bikes in Stealth Black £1,099.00

The 705SE step through is available in Stealth Black, Burgundy Red and Electric Blue, all with matching coloured mudguards and chain guard.

We have two battery sizes

Both fit all models without any changes or adjustments to the bikes or batteries.

Standard 375Wh Included in prices above
Long range 575Wh with SAMSUNG cells and deep sleep mode. Plus £200.00

Our two ranges are divided into 3 models…

705Torque                   806Torque                   905Torque
705SE                          806SE                          905SE

Our SE and Torque models share exactly the same…

Frame, Rack, Batteries, Chain guard, Tyres, Disc rotors, Stand, Grips

All other parts are different, the main differences are as follows…

705/905se  705/905 Torque

Cadence/Speed Sensor   Torque and Cadence/Speed Sensor
Cable Disc Brakes   Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Generic Lighting   Spaninga High Power Lighting
Wisper Comfort Saddle   Selle Royal eBike Saddle
LCD Display   Large LCD Centre Display and Large Control Buttons great when wearing gloves
High Torque Motor   Ultra High Torque Motor
Quiet Running   Silent Running
7 Speed freewheel gears   8 Speed Cassette Gears
Wisper Light Weight Blade forks   Suntour NEX SR Suspension Forks

806se   806 Torque

Cadence/Speed Sensor   Torque and Cadence/Speed Sensor
Generic Lighting   Spaninga High Power Lighting
Wisper Comfort Saddle   Selle Royal eBike Saddle
LCD Display   Large LCD Display and Buttons
7 Speed freewheel gears  8 Speed Cassette Gears
High Torque rear motor   Ultra High Torque Rear Motor

Our Warranty…

All new Wisper frames come with a ten-year warranty*
All other non consumable parts two-year warranty*

Keeping you on the road…

If within two years of purchase, one of our 2016 (or later) Wisper bikes develops a fault covered by our warranty, and we cannot fix the bike in our workshop within 5 working days. We will supply a courtesy bike for use until the original bike is back on the road.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Wisper Torque Sensor and drive system

The new Wisper Hybrid Torque drive system is designed to deliver maximum power to the bike’s rear wheel smoothly, quietly and efficiently.

The new Wisper Hi Torque Motor is so small, it is hardly noticeable.

Seamless delivery of power

The new Wisper Hybrid sensor cleverly splices information from the torque and cadence sensors, producing a seamless riding experience. Our patented software enables the controller, sensors and motor work together in perfect harmony, creating a seamless delivery of power.

Increased range

The increased efficiency of the system means a rider can achieve up to 40% more range when compared to a cadence sensor alone.


The combination of information from the two sensors coupled with the amazingly fast processing of data, ensures the new Wisper power system rapidly responds, to the speed of the bike and the rider’s input, and riding style, creating a very natural riding experience.

Starting assistance

The benefit of the Wisper Torque sensor can most be felt when setting off, especially on an incline. The software in the controller will recognise that the bike is stationary, so when the pedals are pushed down the bike will know the rider needs maximum assistance to get them going. It very much feels as if you have twisted a throttle. When the bike gets moving the cadence sensor recognises you are on the move so will gradually reduce the power. The rider will not feel the gradual reduction, the whole experience will feel very natural.

Silent running

New sine wave technology coupled with the rear wheel drive, has the effect of making the new Wisper Torque system virtually silent despite it’s superb hill climbing capability.

Being positioned behind the rider any running noise from the motor becomes practically inaudible.

Hill starts

The system starts and stops within milliseconds of putting pressure on, or taking pressure off the pedals. This almost instant reaction has two major advantages:

Starting off on, and climbing steep hills becomes much easier. Maximum power is available immediately depending on how much pressure is exerted on the pedal, negating the need for a throttle.

More natural riding experience

Maintaining and controlling speed is far less erratic, ensuring the riding experience is safer and more natural.

Reduced wear on the chain drive and gears

The four major benefits of the Wisper Torque rear hub system over centre drive systems are as follows:

Power is directly and efficiently applied to the rear wheel. This eliminates issues associated with chain stretch/wear and putting too much torque through delicate hub or derailleur gears.

Companies such as <strong>Shimano</strong> do not recommend that more than 35Nm of electronic power is put through their systems.

More power to the rear wheel

Our rear wheel direct drive hub system avoids the bicycle chain and gears, therefore, the whole 50Nm of available power can be directly applied through the rear wheel.

Better grip

Positioning the motor and battery at the rear of the bike keeps the weight directly over the rear tyre ensuring a more positive grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

wisper 905 Torque electric bike
905 Torque
Wisper 905se electric bike
806 Torque
wisper 806se electric bike
Wisper 705 Torque ebike
705 Torque
Wisper Stealth Black 705se Electric Bike
Stealth Black 705se

Batteries and Battery Care

Wisper bikes are powered by high quality lithium ion batteries.

To achieve maximum battery life, it is important that a lithium battery is correctly maintained. All lithium batteries gradually lose capacity and therefore reduce the range of an electric bike. If well maintained a high quality lithium battery will give several years and thousands of miles of good reliable service.

The latest Wisper 575Wh Samsung batteries (rack mounted from June 2015) are installed with the very latest battery technology. These state of the art batteries automatically assist in keeping a battery in perfect condition. Please refer to paragraph three below.

1. Following these easy steps will ensure the long life of your battery

Recharge your battery after every use if possible
Keeping a battery charged extends it’s life and ensures your Wisper bike is always ready to go.

You no longer need to “condition” your battery by charging and discharging before it’s first use
This used to be the case with old lithium ion technology but is not necessary with modern batteries.

Never leave a lithium battery completely discharged for more than 12 hours

Lithium batteries should be recharged every six weeks even if it is not being used
Most lithium Ion batteries will continue to discharge even when the bike and battery are turned off.  Our 575Wh super long range battery can be safely left for six moths when fully charged.
Voltage falling bellow minimum is by far the most common reason for lithium battery failure. This is particularly noticeable in the spring when customers are using their bike for the first time in the new year after a period of non use.

2. Battery safety

Never leave a lithium battery connected to a charger or mains power over night.

Never recharge a battery outside, in damp conditions or in temperatures of less then 0 degrees centigrade.

Never open a Wisper battery case, try and maintain the battery or give it to any person or organisation other than a registered Wisper Stockist for maintenance. (Failure to comply will void your warranty)

Never use a lithium battery if it seems to be damaged.

3. Wisper 575Wh Samsung Lithium Batteries

The latest Wisper long range batteries are equipped with features to help keep it in good health.

“Deep sleep” or “hibernation” mode.
Once a Wisper 575Wh battery has been fully charged it is not necessary to recharge again for several months, for example, over the winter. We recommend the battery is recharged every 6 months, however with a full charge it will be safe for up to a year. To manually put the battery into deep sleep mode simply press the LED button on the rear of the battery for 10 seconds. If the battery is not manually put into deep sleep mode and the battery falls below 29V, deep sleep will be activated automatically after 24 hours of non-use. The battery will automatically wake up when connected to a Wisper bike and the bike is switched on.
Wisper 575Wh batteries are delivered to Wisper stockists in deep sleep mode, so they arrive with our customers as fresh as when they left the factory, ensuring the longest possible life.

Remote Control Service System (RCSS)
Using the very latest technology we can connect a Wisper 575Wh battery and charger system directly to our battery manufacturer’s computer. Software updates will be uploaded to the battery and charger, and system diagnostics will take place. If any issues are found that are not enhancing the performance of your battery, recommendations will be sent to the Wisper technician. In some cases fixes can be made remotely. All Wisper Stockists will be able to check the condition of both battery and charger. Information such as the charging history, battery capacity, etc. will be available on screen.

Phone Charger
The socket on the battery used for connection to the RCSS can also be used to charge a mobile phone.

General Wisper Bicycle Care

General Maintenance 

Like any bicycle, it is important that your Wisper Electric Bicycle is kept clean and well lubricated. Our ebikes fall into the City and Trekking category and are not designed as mountain bikes. If you do use your Wisper bike in “off road” conditions, it is important that all mud and sand is cleaned from all moving parts and the parts are lightly lubricated, before storage or further use. Making sure no lubrication is applied to braking surfaces.  A build up of mud and/or sand on moving parts will damage your bike and may negate the warranty.

Regular Servicing

All bicycles need regular servicing and electric bicycles in particular should be serviced and checked over by an electric bike specialist at least once a year.  If you are using the bicycle on a daily basis, for your safety and for the correct maintenance, we recommend six monthly servicing.  Your Wisper Service Centre will be happy to help you look after your bike.

Cadence and Torque Sensors

In Brief

Wisper SE bikes have a cadence sensor

Wisper Torque bikes have both cadence and torque sensors

Cadence Sensors

Cadence sensors turn the power on when pedals are turned forward and turn the power off when pedaling stops.

It will take between ¼ and ½ of a complete revolution of the pedals before the power is turned on.

Torque Sensors

Torque sensors recognise when and how much pressure is being put onto either pedal. Power will increase as the pressure on the pedals increases.

Power is available immediately pressure is put onto either pedal.

On Wisper Torque bikes the torque sensor will be deactivated and the cadence sensor will activate when the bike is put into F power mode on the LCD.


The throttle, when twisted and held open, will override both torque and cadence sensors. The throttle is fully operational up to 15.5mph as long as the pedals are being turned forward regardless of the amount of pressure being put onto the pedals.

Further Detail Regarding the Operation of Wisper SE and Torque Bikes

Wisper SE

The magnetic disc can be seen on the SE bike, it is a part of the cadence sensor and sits on the inside of the right hand crank by the bottom bracket axle. It simply tells the bike when the pedals are being turned forward at which point the power switches on. When a rider stops pedaling, the magnets stop passing the sensor and the power turns off.

Wisper SE bikes require three magnets to pass the sensor in the correct order (pedals turning forward) before the power is switched on, it then needs magnets to pass by the sensor in quick succession or the power will turn off again. If the pedals stop turning, the bike will recognise this in a small fraction of a second and the power will turn off, hence the reason we do not need vulnerable brake cut outs.

Wisper Torque

On Wisper Torque bikes the torque and cadence sensors are housed inside the bottom bracket where the pedals are connected through the bike frame.

The Wisper Torque system works in a completely different manner to the Wisper SE. Through the torque sensor the system measures the pressure a rider is putting onto the pedals. Pressure on the pedals turns the power on and the torque sensor reads the amount of pressure being exerted. The more pressure a rider puts onto the pedals the more power will be demanded from the motor.

So… if the bike is starting from standstill, encounters a hill, a strong headwind or if the bike is heavily laden, the torque sensor will recognise that more pressure is being put onto the pedals and the bike will offer more powered assistance. It’s very simple and very clever!

Either the left or right pedal will activate the torque sensor.

The torque sensor works in levels 1 – 4 on the handlebar LCD. If you turn the bike onto F, the torque sensor is deactivated and the bike works on cadence sensor alone.  The F setting should only used when a rider is on the flat and needs extra assistance. On a flat road, the rider puts very little pressure onto the pedals, the “torque” sensor recognises this and the bike conserves energy, (hence the longer range by up to 40%). So on the flat, should the rider need more assistance they can turn off the torque sensor buy switching to F for FLAT.

The Throttle

Both Wisper SE and Wisper Torque bikes have a “twist and go” throttle as a part of the left hand grip.

The throttle is set up to comply with European law, where it is only used for assistance when walking the bike.

HOWEVER….. If a rider twists the throttle and holds it open whilst riding either the SE or Torque bike (pedals turning forward) the throttle will override all the sensors and offer “assistance” up to a maximum speed of 15.5mph regardless of the amount of pressure being exerted on the pedals.