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Our new Wisper bikes continue to be extremely popular, demand is very strong. If you have any difficulty securing a bike or would like to book a test ride please contact us on 01732 762393 or email we will assist you in finding a Wisper available as near to you as possible

The Iconic Wisper brand has been synonymous with high quality, innovative electric bikes for over a decade, Wisper was one of the first British designed electric bikes to be sold in the UK. We service and hold spare parts for most of the bikes we have ever built and have customers still riding their Wispers after a decade of service.

Wisper electric bikes have the reputation of being slightly ahead of the pack utilising the very latest in electric bike technology.

The Wisper SE range, consists of six models the 705se step-through, 905se crossbar and 806se folding bike. Our SE models are built using many of the same high quality parts as our superb Torque bikes. The ten year warranty frame, rack and battery packs are identical. To build a more affordable Wisper we have have changed the drive system and a few other key components giving our customers a lot of bike for their money!

Wisper SE bikes are described in the bicycle trade as “the best electric bike at it’s price point.”

Our 705SE bikes are available in three colours Black, Electric Blue and Burgundy.

Wisper Electric Bikes Stealth BlackWisper Electric Bikes Electric Blue 705se  Wisper Electric Bikes Burgundy

Wisper Torque bikes benefit from a new, powerful, almost silent motor controlled by the latest and most innovative torque/speed sensor on the market. The new system will give you instant access to masses of hill climbing power from the moment you start to ride. Simply push down on the pedal and the bike will reward you with a silent surge of power, the harder you push down on the pedals the more the motor will assist. When the bike reaches cruising speed, power will gradually ease back and when power is not needed at all, such as when descending hills, it will cut off completely giving you up to 40% extra range when compared to more basic speed sensor bikes.

A torque sensor bike gives you instant access to power, a speed/cadence sensor only works after you have turned the pedals about half a rotation. A good torque sensor will provide instant power, longer range and a much more natural riding experience.

Our new Wisper 36V 575Wh SAMSUNG batteries have a deep sleep mode and benefit from a Remote Controlled Service System, helping us to ensure the battery gives you many years of reliable service.

Wisper bikes are available with standard long range 375Wh, and mega range 575Wh batteries. In tests we have achieved more than 100 miles on a single charge from a 575Wh battery when fitted to a Wisper Torque bike.

They look almost identical, so why is the Wisper SE bike less expensive than the Wisper Torque? Click here…